Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in New York City, Erica Corte created and launched her first Jewelry line in 2010. Inspired by her passion for jewelry and childhood memories of watching her father create handcrafted accessories for dressing horses lead her to creating her first contemporary jewelry line, Erica Corte Atelier. Her jewelry then evolved to the expression of spirituality which lead her to creating a more casual line. Distinctly original in design and meaning, each handcrafted piece presents a clean simplicity and balance born from a playful use of bold and diverse textures. Erica has worked for over 10 years as an Ayurvedic therapist with one of the pioneers of the Ayurvedic skincare and beauty field, Dr. Pratima Raichur. She not only incorporates Ayurveda in her lifestyle but also in her work. In addition, most of her collections use materials known to have healing properties such as sacred seeds, metals, and gemstones to follow the Ayurvedic principles. Erica creates her jewelry with spiritual substance for the wearer to feel at one with the pieces benefiting from the healing stones inspired by ancient beliefs. Her passion for jewelry and gemstones has allowed her to create a line in which she incorporates a strong meaning within every piece she creates, making it personal and unique to the wearer.  A meaning that she hopes the wearer will feel a timeless connection with.